Looking for a Stress-Free Holiday?

Stress Relief for the Holiday Season

Reset with a Countryside Escape

Take some time for yourself during these hectic fall months and book a stay at Fox Hill. Our suggestions for a Hiking in the woods at Natural Bridgestress free visit include: tour the quaint towns of Lexington or Staunton; hike along the picturesque trails just a few miles from the inn; relax with an in-room massage; or lounge outdoors and enjoy the serenity of the evening stars and the warmth of our fire pit.

A two-night trip can result in a recharging of the batteries.  Such a break allows you to return refreshed with more productivity and a readiness to resume your regular life.  The experiences you get during your quick getaway will make you a more interesting person in the eyes of the folks you work and socialize with.  They’ll want to know how your trip was and are very interested to hear your recommendations of the activities you enjoyed.

Unwind with a Luxury Massage

Whether you indulge in pampering for two with a couple’s massage or 60 minutes of solo relaxation, you won’t masseuse giving an in room solo massage have to go far to find your serenity. Conveniently located in the privacy of your suite, our massage therapists offer the perfect services to recharge for a busy holiday season.

There are surprising benefits of massage therapy besides helping you to relax.  For starters, it counteracts all the sitting you do at your desk job – think of all the tension in your shoulders, neck, and low back.  It eases sore muscle pain by increasing and improving circulation.  Who wouldn’t want their stress level reduced and to feel much more relaxed and happy after a massage.  Not only can a massage encourage a restful sleep-it also helps those who cannot otherwise comfortably rest.    Lastly, a massage boosts immunity and relieves headaches.

If you prefer a day-spa experience, we suggest scheduling an appointment at either Breezy Hill Day Spa in Staunton or Encore Salon 215 Spa in Lexington.  Both offer massages, manicures, pedicures, body wraps, waxing, and other specialty services.

Spark Some Creativity with Glass BlowingGlass blower cutting the tip off of a vase

Experience live and up-close glass blowing demonstrations at Sunspots Studios in Staunton, VA.
Feel the heat of the furnaces as you sit close enough to ask questions and chat with the artists.  To make your art happen, glassblowers will assist you in making your very own glass blown piece of art.

Carve out time for yourself. Our spacious suites and inn amenities make it easy to unwind. Book today to start planning your stress-free getaway!








Apple Season Celebrations

Celebrating Apple Season


Here at Fox Hill B&B, we look forward to apple
season and of course, we end up picking more apples than we could ever eat.   One of the ways we can use apples in the kitchen is by incorporating them in either sweet or savory dishes.  Since we focus on breakfast here, we will be trying out a few new apples recipes.

Apple Cake

One will be Fresh Apple Cake and we are sharing the recipe! The
recipes ingredients include 1 cup of butter, 2 cups of sugar, 2
eggs, 2.5 cups of flour, and 1 teaspoon each of baking soda, baking
powder, salt and ground cinnamon.  The star of the show – 3
cups of finely chopped apples.  Simply cream butter and sugar
and beat in the eggs.  Add all dry ingredients, beating well
after each addition.  The batter will be thick so stir in
apples with a spoon or spatula.  Press batter into greased
9-by-13-inch baking pan and bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.


Some folks prefer a cool glass of apple juice (the hard stuff) over baking!  If that is you, we recommend visiting a Halcyon Days Cider Company for some fine apple sipping.
Halcyon Days Cider Company is a hands-on, family owned and operated small farm and cindery only  twenty-one miles from Fox Hill.  The family has planted more than 50 varieties in their labyrinth, which consists of about 2,000 dwarf apple trees. Through an 11-circuit path, you are able to wind your way through the modern American, heirloom American, classic European, and Central Asian ancestral apple trees to a pavilion with epic 360-degree views of the Alleghany and Blue Ridge Mountain ranges.  The apples are combined in several ways to create sweet and sharp flavors – one of the blends has a taste similar to that of sipping a glass of bourbon.  Others flavors are sweet and easy to drink.

Hot Cider & Cinnamon

Halcyon Hard Cider

Halcyon Days Cider Company

will be open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday through
Monday.  After Labor Day weekend, they will be open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Friday and Saturday and 1 to 6 p.m. Sunday. https://halcyondayscider.com/


Right along Route 11, slightly across from the cidery is another family-run farm – Virginia Gold Orchard!  They are dedicated to growing the very best tasting Asian pears.  Also known as, “Apple Pears”, the Asian pear looks like a cross between an apple and a pear, but the resemblance is only skin-deep.  They harvest up to 16 different varieties of Asian pears, each one ripening at a different time.  Well worth a visit for these juicy delights! From August through October they are open 10 am to 6pm, Wednesday-Sunday.  From November through February, they are open 10am-5pm Wednesday – Sunday. http://www.virginiagoldorchard.com/

To round out your tasting adventure you can pick up some country-cured ham, Amish jams and pickles, or a hunk of hoop cheese at Layne’s Country Store.  For a nostalgic treat, stop by The Pink Cadillac Diner
and enjoy one of their daily lunch or dinner specials. They also
have an ice cream parlor for a variety of sundaes, floats, malts and
shakes. Did you know that November 9-18, 2018 is Virginia Cider
Week?  Tasting, tours, and festivals await you.  R&R is a
spacious comfortable suite, a delicious made-from scratch breakfast,
and beautiful fall colors await you at Fox Hill Bed and Breakfast.
Plan a stay and enjoy apples, cider, and adventure!

Asian Pears


Equine Crown Jewel, the Virginia Horse Center

Equine Crown Jewel Virginia Horse Center

The Equine Crown Jewel is the Virginia Horse Center. The Virginia Horse Center sits on 600 acres of beautiful countryside.
Equine Crown Jewel Virginia Horse Center

Just a short 20 minute drive from Fox Hill Bed and Breakfast. Both destinations offer breath taking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and beautiful grounds. In between heading to the horse center for an event, you can enjoy your quiet and restful stay. Like getting lost in our cornfield walking the paths that run throughout our 30 acres.

The center boasts a 4,000-seat coliseum, 8 barns to accommodate 1,200 horses, 18 show rings, 2 large indoor Equine Crown Jewel Virginia Horse Centerarenas, internationally rated cross-country jumping and combined carriage driving courses. The internationally renowned Center serves as a venue for more than 80 events a year and is right in our backyard.

Equine Crown Jewel Virginia Horse CenterOf course, there are horse shows, but they also run clinics, have rodeos, dog shows, BMX racing and the Rockbridge Regional Fair. The onsite restaurant “Winner’s Ring” is a favorite among the show participants. Most of the time the events are free to the public, but it is best to check the schedule so there are no surprises.

When planning your visit to the Shenandoah Valley, stay at Fox Hill, visit the Virginia Horse Center and have fun!

The quiet tranquil setting of Fox Hill will give you the rest and relaxation you want. A quick get-away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, the slower pace here will help you enjoy your time. If you want other things to do, download a copy of our Activity Guide. The Activity Guide is chocked full of things to see and do while visiting the area.

Lexington averages a three-hour drive from the Washington beltway area. Time to get-away and relax, you know you’ve earned it, you know what you have to do; book today!

Scratch made Bacon at Fox Hill

Scratch made BACON!  BACON!  BACON!

Scratch made Bacon has been the topic of many reviews on Tripadvisor and Face Book.  Afterall, we are a Bed and Breakfast and you better have a comfy bed and awesome mouth watering delicious breakfast when those words are in the businesses name.  You wouldn’t go to a burger joint and expect to order prime rib steak.  In the two years that we have owned Fox Hill B&B, we have developed quite a reputation with our breakfasts.  We cure our own bacon at Fox Hill! Staying more than one night guarantees that you will get BACON in one of your breakfasts. At Fox Hill, we make our breakfasts from scratch, whether its blueberry pancakes or butterscotch muffins, we get up early and start the fixin’ the treats to start your special.

Decadent Candy for Breakfast?

It’s like eating candy for breakfast. The little kid in all of us wants to break the rules when on holiday. So, we usually add a serving of fresh fruit with the candy. Back to the subject of Fox Hill’s homemade bacon.  Unlike store bought bacon, we start with a locally sourced pork belly. Then we cure the bacon using a combination of brown sugar, pure maple syrup, salt, cracked pepper, coarse pepper, Jim Beam bourbon and time. Time is the key. Rushing the curing or the smoking process will not produce the required and repeatable results.  About two weeks in a curing bag it’s ready to smoke. We fire up the smoker and shoot for the optimal temperature we like.  We smoke the bacon for 5-6 hours with an Applewood, lump charcoal and constant, consistent temperature.  Then it’s back in the chill box for another week. We slice it  on a commercial slicer and freeze it for our guests to enjoy.

To read more about our breakfast offerings and to view additional breakfast images, please visit our breakfast page.

Horse & Hound Wine Festival

Head to the Horse & Hound Wine Festival

featuring some of Virginia’s Finest Wineries, in Bedford VA

Spend a Saturday afternoon on the grounds of Johnson’s Orchards located in scenic Bedford, VA for the 14th Annual Horse & Hound Wine Festival on July 14, 2018.  This is a RAIN OR SHINE event.  11am-6pm. Horse & Hound Wine Festival

Peaks of Otter Winery & Johnson’s Orchard 

Home Place a fourth generation vineyard; Lake Anna Winery; and Peaks of Otter Winery & Orchard a sixth generation family farm.  Prince Michel Vineyard and Winery one of the oldest and largest wineries in the Commonwealth; Ramulose Ridge Vineyards; Rebec Vineyards who boast as many as eighteen selections at times; and Tomahawk Mill Winery a former grist mill now a vineyard, round out the winemakers.

Now for the Horse & Hound activity – there will be a beautiful parade of horses, agility dogs and lure coursing.  Want more fun?  Enjoy the muskrat and stick horse races, too.

Big Boss Man Band

Entertainment at the Horse and Hound Wine FestivalBring your dancing shoes.  Live music will be from The Big Boss Man Band.  Who are they and what do they play?  Big Boss Man is “funk, soul, and rock & roll”.  They specialize in classic rock sounds, with lots of danceable party music to get people up on their feet and having fun with a huge variety of music.

In addition to wine tastings, horse and hound events, there will be numerous arts and crafts venders.


Food at the Horse and Hound Wine Festival

With all this fun, you are sure to work up a big appetite!  There will be plenty of good eats to choose from – Fresh N.C. Style Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches, Crab Cakes, Crab Wrap, Grilled Shrimp, Chesapeake Fries, Hamburgers, Food at the Horse and Hound Wine Festivalchili dogs. Then there’s  the chicken strip basket, Italian Sausage, Cheese Steak Subs, Chili cheese fries, corn dogs, French fries, homemade potato chips, Sourdough pizza; tacos, burritos, and taco salads. Don’t dare forget about funnel cakes, fresh squeezed lemonade, strawberry lemonade, sodas, water, sweet tea and then there’s Homestead Creamery – some of the best ice cream on the west side of VA.

Ticket fees at the gate are $20 for Tasters, $15 for General Admission and $5.00 Dogs

Proceeds Benefit –

Part of the proceeds will go to the following non-profits:

Commonwealth Search & Rescue – a non-profit volunteer search and rescue group dedicated to providing assistance to lost or injured persons in the out-of-doors.

All-American Mutt Rescue – a home-based animal rescue organization who rescues animals in need of new homes and loving families. Each rescue is spayed or neutered and up-to-date on all routine vaccinations.

Brook Hill Farm Horse Rehab – a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization provides rehabilitative focused services and safe haven for unwanted horses, as well as a therapeutic riding program for personal growth and equine education for area youth and adults.

Complimentary Tickets

Does The Horse & Hound Wine Festival sound like a lot of fun?  Why not make it a weekend trip and stay with us?  We have a few complimentary tickets. Request yours when making your reservation. Traveling to Johnson’s Orchards from Fox Hill B&B is only a 50-mile ride, some of which is through the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway. Bring back a bottle of wine, enjoy it under the stars on our patio deck, and reminisce about the day’s events.


Making Home-made Sausage

Making Home-made Sausage at Fox Hill Bed and Breakfast Suites

So many of our guests rave about our home-made Bacon and home-made Sausage. Today, we will speak about how we make our sausages.

Every home-made sausage starts out the same way. We learned to make sausage in the fresh, basic form first.

Then it was just a matter of learning some simple steps to that technique and you can produce any sausage you want. Every time we make sausages, it is different. One reason is that we make 15 pounds at a time, and the time between each preparation is long enough to forget what was done in the past.

Last week, we finished 15 pounds and still have it a good memory of what we did; we can pointedly define some tips based on experience; however, we are by no means an expert.

We source our pork locally when possible; sometimes we need to go to the big city to get the meat. We butcher the shoulder to fit in our grinder, which are strips about one inch by one inch however long it happens to be.

We grind the pork, divide it, and then season with one of five different seasoning mixes we purchase onhome-made sausage -line. I make a standard breakfast sausage, a maple flavored sausage, a southern style seasoning, one with some heat to it, or a charred grilled seasoning.

home-made sausageWe source our natural casings online as well. We have found that Amazon has one of the best natural casings available.

The videos show the grinding process and the stuffing process. Many experts will stuff a casing making a 2-foot long sausage and then twist the casing to the size they want. The expert you watch on videos never breaks a casing. We have changed our technique because we are not experts and cannot imitate the experts. Imitating the experts’ leads to many broken casings and high levels of frustration.

Why we make different kinds of Sausage:

Making and serving all the same sausages seems too much as if we are eating the same thing all the time.
So, visit Fox Hill for more than one night and we guarantee that you will get to taste one of our home-made sausages.

Therefore, what are our tips?

  • Use fresh pork
  • Add the amount of ice water specified
  • Rinse the natural casings for one hour and then let sit in refrigerator overnight
  • Let the mix rest overnight
  • Twist each link as it comes off the stuffing horn
  • Freeze on a cookie tray
  • Cut apart and place in zip lock bags
  • Boil the frozen sausage for 10 minutes
  • Brown in a cast iron skillet
  • Enjoy your creation!


Fox Hill B&B does Farm-to-Table

Chef Mike has always enjoyed gardening and since taking the reins of the kitchen, he has expanded his love of gardening to the next level to achieve a Farm-to-Table menu.

At Fox Hill Bed and Breakfast, we grow many of the fruits and vegetables served in our breakfast dishes.  Chef Mikes Vegetable Egg bake consists of multicolored sweet peppers, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, corn, and any other fresh
Peppers - Farm to Table vegetables Romas - Farm to Tablethat are ripe and ready to eat.  Fresh made salsa/stewed tomatoes are the star of Chef Mike’s version of the Middle-Eastern dish Shakshuka.

Innkeeper Cathy uses the abundant zucchini, strawberries, and blackberries grown on site for her scrumptious baked goods.

Hive to Table


Having bee hives located on the property also helps provide us with an abundance of produce. Although we do not own them, the local beekeeper manages the hives and provides us with pollinators and fresh honey.  You can see the hives as you turn into the inn’s Beekeeper - Hive to Table driveway.  The honey served in your breakfast is a by-product of the workers living in the hives at the end of our driveway.  Even the bees must pay to stay!

Throughout the growing season, we travel to the local U-Pick farms and gather as much as we can haul. Typically, we pick 50 pounds of various fruits, providing fresh flavors in new and tried-and-true recipes, plus we freeze plenty to enjoy throughout the winter months.

Last season, we picked over 50 pounds of delicious Blueberries from a well-cared for Blueberry Farm in West Virginia.  We traveled over the Blue Ridge Mountains to Crozet and gathered up over 45 pounds of sweet Peaches. We spent a Fall afternoon at a Lovingston apple orchard picking and dreaming of apple pie!  While we did not pick them directly from the trees, we did sample and bring home a few of the many 16 varieties of Asian pears from The Virginia Gold Orchard, right here in Rockbridge County.

The Farm-to-table concept is a social movement to promote serving local food at restaurants, schools & INNS preferably through direct acquisition from the producer. At Fox Hill B&B, since we grow our own, we know exactly where, what and how our “good eats” are grown.

Tomatoes - Farm to Table Cornfield -- Farm to Table

Farm-to-table incorporates food traceability (celebrated as “knowing where your food comes from”) where the origin of the food can be identified to our guests. When visiting during the growing season, guests can actually see the ingredients growing.

Farm-to-Table also applies to our Bacon and Sausages as we procure our pork locally.  Fresh pork shoulder for the sausages and fresh Pork Belly for our well-reviewed and requested Maple-Bourbon-bacon smoking

Cracked Pepper, Applewood smoked bacon.  It’s a three-week “labor of love” process for Chef Mike to make the bacon and he only smokes 10 pounds at a time.  As for the sausages, they are handmade; no two are the same size but every bit delicious.

Even our four-legged guest’s get the Farm-to-Table experience! We provide treats from Whistle Creek Treats, a local premium  Farm-to-Table Pet Food provider.  They produce high quality treats and pet food utilizing locally sourced, 100% human grade ingredients.  Each treat is free from corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, chemicals, or colors.

Therefore, for the Farm-to-Table experience not found at every bed and breakfast, a visit to Fox Hill Bed and Breakfast Suites will surely satisfy that need.

Spring into an Outdoor Adventure, Hiking, Nature Trails, & Geocaching all within reach

Spring is in the air! Let us put some Spring in your step! It’s time for an Outdoor Adventure along the many hiking trails near Fox Hill Bed and Breakfast. Maybe even go Geocaching nearby!

It is time to get out and stretch those legs. You and your four-legged friend need to smell the fresh mountain air in the Shenandoah Valley. Close to Fox Hill Bed and Breakfast Suites are many outdoor adventures. Scenic drives along the Blue Ridge Parkway, a few roadside stops along the way are great for picnicking. How about hiking to the highest waterfall at Crabtree Falls, along the Maury River or the Natural Bridge State Park.

So where can you hike or find that Treasure?

GeocachingExplore the most popular trails near Lexington with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers and nature lovers like you, or follow the The Gems of Rockbridge Geocaching Trail.


House Mountain Trail is one of the Hardest Trails to Hike

House Mountain TrailOne of the hardest trails in the area is House Mountain Trail. It is a 9.4 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Lexington, Virginia with beautiful wild flowers and awesome views of the valley below. House Mountain is an iconic landmark in Rockbridge County comprised of two peaks known as Big House and Little House Mountains.

Both trails include a steep forty-five degree incline for about three-quarters of a mile with a less strenuous hike along the ridge at the top. These trails, used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from March until September. Please leash your dog.


Two moderate trails just a short drive from Fox Hill are Spy Rock & Crabtree Falls

Spy Rock TrailSpy Rock Trail is a hike of about 6 miles, Moderately trafficked out and back trail is located near Montebello, Virginia. The features of this trail are beautiful wild flowers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but should be leashed.

Crabtree Falls Trail is almost a 3-mile trail located near Tyro, Virginia right off of Route 56 just five miles north of Fox Hill, but back into the wilderness of the Washington & Jefferson Forest.

Crabtree Falls Just a few miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway, Crabtree Falls is not only the highest waterfall this side of the Mississippi River but is also Virginia’s most popular waterfall hike.

The entire way, you have the sound of the rushing waterfalls and the amazing, beautiful views!  Signs along the way, caution hikers about the danger along the trail and we suggest that you head these warnings.

The hike is short but offers rewarding views of the falls and some of Virginia’s finest scenery.
Please leash all four legged hikers & we know for sure that there is NO CELL service in the forest.


One of the easiest trails in the area is the Chessie Nature Trail

Chessie Trail HikeAt a length of  7 – 11 miles depending on the researcher is Chessie Trail. A walking trail located between Lexington and Buena Vista, along the former Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad right of way.  Also, following  along the Maury River make this trail most suitable for walking and running but has several fixed gates make the trail unsuitable for bicycles. The trail goes through private lands, including and active cattle farms (watch out for the cow patties). Dogs must be kept on leash.

Drink in the Shenandoah Valley & Make it a Beerwerks Beercation!

Your Passport for the Beerwerks Trail

Welcome to the Shenandoah Valley, where beer flows from the mountains and into the beer kettle like magic. Well, maybe it takes a little more than siphoning off water from the mountain, but here in the valley, we have a few small breweries that are making their own magic. We call it BeerWerks! We

Beerwerks Trail

have a Beerwerks Trail and you need a Beerwerks Passport!

Not far from Fox Hill Bed and Breakfast Suites, are a few breweries that you can tour, visit, taste their brew, and enjoy the company of friends.  A little know attribute about the valley is the BeerWerks Trail. Maybe even less known is the Beerwerks Passport. Therefore, when you travel up and down I-81 in the valley, you can stop at these breweries and get your passport stamped for some fun SWAG.

The Devils Backbone

Devils Backbone BeerWerks Logo Devils Backbone Brewing Company from Roseland was such a success that it required an outpost facility to keep up with production. Literally, in our back yard, the Outpost is located on a beautiful hillside in Lexington and houses the custom-built brewery, bottling and canning lines, taproom and outdoor beer garden. Originally, the projected output for the Outpost was to produce 10,000 barrels of beer in its first ten years, but it produced almost 45,000 barrels in its first three, distributing their national and international award-winning beers up and down the mid-Atlantic. Tours will take you through the inner workings of this larger scale brewery.


Great Valley Farm Brewery

Great Valley Farm Brewery BeerWerks Logo Further south, In Natural Bridge is the Great Valley Farm Brewery. Great Valley is located in the southernmost area of Rockbridge County and is the newest addition to the Shenandoah Beerwerks Trail. With breathtaking views, this new farm brewery is a perfect stop after visiting the sites in Rockbridge County. Nearby attractions, include the Virginia Safari Park, Natural Bridge and Caverns. Great Valley Farm Brewery has its own on-site vineyard, hop plantings, fruit and herb gardens. The brewery specializes in small batches of high-quality beers using select ingredients (such as hops, fruits, and herbs) that are all grown on-site. Their core focus is on creating beers in the Belgian Farmhouse tradition.

Heading North from  Fox Hill Bed and Breakfast Suites, is the city of Staunton, where there are four more Beerwerks Trail breweries.

Redbeard Brewing Company

 Redbeard Brewing Co. Beerwerks LogoRedbeard Brewing Company A true microbrewery in downtown Staunton, Redbeard Brewing Company brews small batches of big beer, handcrafted by one brewer from beginning to end using traditional methods, From Belgian malts and American hops mere steps away from where you’ll drink it. The 40-seat taproom features 8-10 beers on tap, occasional live music, food trucks and restaurant pop-ups making Redbeard a great place to enjoy a beer with the locals in one of Virginia’s prettiest small towns. While you are there, meander down the street to Sunspots Studio and Glassblowers for some awesome glass art.


Shenandoah Valley Brewing Co.

A stone’s throw from Redbeard in Staunton is Shenandoah Valley Brewing Co.Shenandoah Valley Brewing Co. Beerwerks Logo
The Shenandoah Valley is a brewery and tap house dedicated to serving up the best in regional craft beer culture.  Located on Staunton’s main street, this brewery is easy to find and offers a relaxed tavern-style atmosphere for locals and tourists. Twelve beers are brewed on-site and available on tap. You can even pick up some home brewing supplies while you visit their taproom for a tasting.



Queen City Brewing

Queen City Brewing Co. Beerwerks LogoMoving out from the city limits of Staunton, is Queen City Brewing, the first post-Prohibition brewery in Staunton. QC is more than just a brewery it is an experience. Not only can you choose from nearly two dozen beers on tap, you can also brew your own private batch, selecting from over 80 different recipes. Saturdays they let visitors watch the brewing process and offer the opportunity to join in through the Brewer’s Apprentice program. Queen City’s friendly taproom frequently has live music an always has a great crowd.



Bedlam Brewing

Bedlam Brewing Beerwerks LogoA little further, north is Bedlam Brewing. It is a small-scale brewpub located a few miles from Staunton’s  downtown area. The newest small batch brewery to join the Beerwerks Trail, it focuses on creating traditional ales with a Belgian and French influence. Along with other traditional and seasonal varieties that embrace the rich farming heritage of the Shenandoah Valley, Bedlam will offer six to seven of its own craft beers on tap at any given time. Handcrafted artisan pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven, and house-cooked roast beef, bratwurst, and pork anchor the menu at Bedlam.

Therefore, if you want to hit all six listed in the blog, I would start with the furthest south Great Valley and head north, or the northernmost Staunton, at Bedlam and work your way south. On the other hand, plan your own route going as far north as Harrisonburg.

So, now you know about the Beerwerks Trail in the Shenandoah Valley.  Fox Hill Bed and Breakfast Suites is so close you can taste the beer. Remember that Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner.     Book Now for St Paddy's Day

The StPatrick’s Day tradition began as a feast day held in honor of St. Patrick on the anniversary of the day he died. Christians put aside their Lenten restrictions on food and alcohol consumption on this day. This is why excessive drinking has become so permanently linked to the celebration. So visit Fox Hill and Drink in the Shenandoah Valley; Make it a Beercation! Truth be told, St. Patrick’s Day is not the only time to come to the valley, but it makes a good excuse.



Meet the Innkeepers of Fox Hill Bed & Breakfast Suites

meet-innkeepers-fox-hill-bed-breakfast-suitesMeet the Innkeepers of Fox Hill Bed & Breakfast Suites 
Mike and Cathy’s Story – As told by Cathy

They say life is a journey, and it certainly is. But you never know what kinds of twists it will take until you happen to travel through the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. That’s exactly what happened to us. While admiring the area’s incredible beauty on a trip through the Valley, I turned to Mike and said, “It’s so beautiful, why don’t we live here?” The seeds for a new life were sewn.

Thirty-six months later, with a business plan in hand we purchased the 38-acre countryside property. Running a bed and breakfast seemed like a perfect fit for our combined skills. We wanted to run a hospitality business that would make people feel welcomed and relaxed– a place where they could share in the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley – all within a casual, comfortable, home-away-from-home atmosphere.

Cathy’s life in Human Resources Management

I refined my people skills with a resume that includes over twenty years in the Human Resources Management field. With an Associate’s Degree in Business and a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management, this combination assures our business is not only well run, but with a professional focus on customer service and guest experience. After I left the corporate world, I established and operated a pet sitting and dog walking service. With a flair for sales and marketing, the business flourished and my love of dogs followed us to Fox Hill. How could we not be a dog friendly bed and breakfast?

Early Retirement from Information Technology

Mike is an early retiree from the Federal Government in Information Technology Security. He also ran his own business as an IT professional, which makes him the guru of technology services here. As Fox Hill’s handyman, Mike applies his apprenticeship program skills bringing proficient electrical, plumbing and carpentry skills to the work required to keep the place running smoothly. But his real passion is by far cooking. Mike has been cooking since he was 10 years old, and his love of food and cooking has prompted him to take various cooking classes. His talents are on full display at Fox Hill. In fact, he learned BBQ smoker techniques from an award-winning BBQ pit master. These skills, and a few of his own special secrets, make his homemade Bourbon Maple Cracked Pepper Apple-wood Smoked Bacon and seasoned Breakfast Sausages huge favorites with guests, who delight in this labor of love.

We purchased the Inn in December 2015. That first winter, we were snowed in for two days. In spite of the cold and snow, excitement for this new journey and a passion for creating a wonderful guest environment came to life at the Inn. The seeds of this new life have flourished ever since. No regrets.