Both of our backgrounds and work history make us well suited to run a bed and breakfast with a farm.  We both love to spend time in the outdoors and have a lot of experience hiking, biking, skiing, horseback riding and working outdoors in gardens with landscaping.  We both also have extensive experience in the hospitality industry.

Charlie grew up in Vermont where his family owned a 200 acre farm as well as a four story victorian inn.  The farm had cows and horses when Charlie was a kid.  The farm was then transformed into a Christmas tree farm in the 80’s.  The farm now has 9,000 Christmas trees.

The inn (the Saxtons River Inn) was bought when Charlie was 14, and the whole family (including his 10 siblings) renovated it for two years, and it was opened in 1974.

Julie grew up in Minnesota riding horses and spending summers on extensive canoe trips in the Boundary Waters (bordering Canada).  She worked in restaurants through high school and college.

After Charlie and Julie met teaching skiing in Colorado, they moved to Northern Virginia and created, owned and operated two local restaurants called the Cowboy Cafe for 19 years in Arlington, VA.

After having children, (Caitlyn, now 31 living in New York and Luke now 28, and living in Colorado,) Julie was inspired to earn a Masters in Education and become an elementary school teacher. She taught 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students for Arlington Public Schools for 20 years. Declaring her retirement the week before COVID forced students and teachers home for nearly a semester of digital school was fortuitous timing!

After selling the last Cowboy Cafe, Charlie owned and operated a small landscaping business and became a master gardener. Four years later he went to work for Arlington Public Schools at both an Outdoor School and then a local elementary school. He preferred the 5 minute commute by bicycle to the 45 min. drive each way on Highway 66.

As new “retirees”, we love this more rural lifestyle. We also look forward to new adventures and meeting new friends at Fox Hill and the surrounding community!