Fall Foliage & Leaf Peeping

No time like the present to make your reservation to see the mountains afire with the fall foliage

Fall Foliage & Leaf Peeping Science, first, let us have a quick lesson on how and why leaves change color.

Once the leaves fully develop on the trees, they start making and storing the carbohydrates that are required for the new tree growth in the following year. Therefore, weather conditions in 2017 were the major factor to predict when Fall Foliage Leaf-peepingthe leaves will peak in their color in 2018.  As the season progresses, in late summer or early fall, the trees enter a growth process that produces the colorful fall leaves, according to U.S. NATIONAL ARBORETUM.

Chlorophyll gives the leaves their green color. Once the nights get longer in the early fall, the cells reach a point near the juncture of the leaf and stem divide rapidly but do not expand. This action of the cells form a layer called the abscission layer.

The abscission layer blocks the transportation of materials from the leaf to the branch and from the roots to the Fall Foliage Leaf-peepingleaves. Once the chlorophyll is blocked from the leaves, it disappears completely from the leaves and the color changes begin. Lacking chlorophyll allows the yellow and orange pigments to be visible. The red and purple pigments are manufactured from the sugars that are trapped in the leaf. These pigments in leaves are responsible for the vivid color changes in the fall.

Temperature, sunlight and soil moisture all play a role in how the leaves will look in the fall.

Leaf  Changing Facts

  • Abundant sunlight and low temperatures after the abscission layer forms because the chlorophyll is destroyed more rapidly.
  • Cool air (especially at night) with a lot of daytime sunshine promotes the formation of more red and purple pigments.
  • Freezing conditions destroy the leaf’s ability to manufacture the red and purple pigments. Early frost will end the colorful foliage.
  • Drought during the growing season can cause the abscission layer to form early and cause the leaves to drop before they change color.
  • The best weather for brilliant fall foliage is a growing season with ample moisture followed by a dry, cool and sunny autumn with warm days and cool but frostless nights.
  • Heavy wind or rain can cause the leaves to fall before they fully develop color.

From Lexington to Staunton

Located between Lexington and Staunton Virginia Fox Hill B&B is a perfect home base for a variety of terrific fun Fall Foliage Leaf-peepingactivities for visitors. As fall comes, one attraction tends to take the cake – Fall Foliage & Leaf Peeping  in Shenandoah Valley. Miss the peak by even one or two weeks, and you will be disappointed. Now is the time to make your reservation, before there are no rooms at the inn.

September 15th typically begins the start of cooler evenings, which triggers the trees to once again to put on their show of brightly colored leaves. Many weather factors determine how intense the colors will be and how long the vivid leaves will be hanging around before they fall.

While enjoying your stay at Fox Hill Bed and Breakfast, whether a weekend or a week, there are numerous places to explore. Bring your camera to capture some of the most memorable fall foliage & leaf peeping moments of your visit.

Hiking Biking or Driving

A hike along any of the trails in the area will provide breathtaking views and lasting memories, and you will be able to see many vistas not accessible by car. We are close to Crabtree Falls and Natural Bridge state park.  Download our free activity guide for a list of hiking and biking trails.

There are a few driving routes that will take you up close and personal with the many fantastic colors, too.

Drive the Blue Ridge Parkway from Massies Mill, at mile marker 27.2 off VA Route. 56 just about 20 minutes from Fall Foliage Leaf-peepingFox Hill. We suggest that you travel south to the next exit outside of Lexington to mile-marker 45.6. Along the route, you will encounter many “scenic overlooks”. The return driving route is Route 11 North passing through Lexington.  Our free activity guide identifies many places for a bite to eat.

A few other routes travel through Bath County or south toward Botetourt County. No matter where you travel in the Valley, the Fall season provides breathtaking, colorful displays put on by the trees.

If you simply want to slow down, enjoy a glass of wine, and take in the colors of mountains, you can do that right on our enclosed front porch.  There is no need to worry about drinking and driving, as you will be comfortably at your destination! To top it off, if you did not bring along or purchase a bottle of wine from a local vineyard, we have Virginia wines from the Peaks of Otter vineyards for your enjoyment.

Plan your visit now.  Come see, as one guest described the fall colors – the  mountains are on fire!

Fall Foliage Leaf-peeping

View while sitting on the porch

Natural Bridge State Park

Equine Crown Jewel, the Virginia Horse Center

Equine Crown Jewel Virginia Horse Center

The Equine Crown Jewel is the Virginia Horse Center. The Virginia Horse Center sits on 600 acres of beautiful countryside.
Equine Crown Jewel Virginia Horse Center

Just a short 20 minute drive from Fox Hill Bed and Breakfast. Both destinations offer breath taking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and beautiful grounds. In between heading to the horse center for an event, you can enjoy your quiet and restful stay. Like getting lost in our cornfield walking the paths that run throughout our 30 acres.

The center boasts a 4,000-seat coliseum, 8 barns to accommodate 1,200 horses, 18 show rings, 2 large indoor Equine Crown Jewel Virginia Horse Centerarenas, internationally rated cross-country jumping and combined carriage driving courses. The internationally renowned Center serves as a venue for more than 80 events a year and is right in our backyard.

Equine Crown Jewel Virginia Horse CenterOf course, there are horse shows, but they also run clinics, have rodeos, dog shows, BMX racing and the Rockbridge Regional Fair. The onsite restaurant “Winner’s Ring” is a favorite among the show participants. Most of the time the events are free to the public, but it is best to check the schedule so there are no surprises.

When planning your visit to the Shenandoah Valley, stay at Fox Hill, visit the Virginia Horse Center and have fun!

The quiet tranquil setting of Fox Hill will give you the rest and relaxation you want. A quick get-away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, the slower pace here will help you enjoy your time. If you want other things to do, download a copy of our Activity Guide. The Activity Guide is chocked full of things to see and do while visiting the area.

Lexington averages a three-hour drive from the Washington beltway area. Time to get-away and relax, you know you’ve earned it, you know what you have to do; book today!

Drink in the Shenandoah Valley & Make it a Beerwerks Beercation!

Your Passport for the Beerwerks Trail

Welcome to the Shenandoah Valley, where beer flows from the mountains and into the beer kettle like magic. Well, maybe it takes a little more than siphoning off water from the mountain, but here in the valley, we have a few small breweries that are making their own magic. We call it BeerWerks! We

Beerwerks Trail

have a Beerwerks Trail and you need a Beerwerks Passport!

Not far from Fox Hill Bed and Breakfast Suites, are a few breweries that you can tour, visit, taste their brew, and enjoy the company of friends.  A little know attribute about the valley is the BeerWerks Trail. Maybe even less known is the Beerwerks Passport. Therefore, when you travel up and down I-81 in the valley, you can stop at these breweries and get your passport stamped for some fun SWAG.

The Devils Backbone

Devils Backbone BeerWerks Logo Devils Backbone Brewing Company from Roseland was such a success that it required an outpost facility to keep up with production. Literally, in our back yard, the Outpost is located on a beautiful hillside in Lexington and houses the custom-built brewery, bottling and canning lines, taproom and outdoor beer garden. Originally, the projected output for the Outpost was to produce 10,000 barrels of beer in its first ten years, but it produced almost 45,000 barrels in its first three, distributing their national and international award-winning beers up and down the mid-Atlantic. Tours will take you through the inner workings of this larger scale brewery.


Great Valley Farm Brewery

Great Valley Farm Brewery BeerWerks Logo Further south, In Natural Bridge is the Great Valley Farm Brewery. Great Valley is located in the southernmost area of Rockbridge County and is the newest addition to the Shenandoah Beerwerks Trail. With breathtaking views, this new farm brewery is a perfect stop after visiting the sites in Rockbridge County. Nearby attractions, include the Virginia Safari Park, Natural Bridge and Caverns. Great Valley Farm Brewery has its own on-site vineyard, hop plantings, fruit and herb gardens. The brewery specializes in small batches of high-quality beers using select ingredients (such as hops, fruits, and herbs) that are all grown on-site. Their core focus is on creating beers in the Belgian Farmhouse tradition.

Heading North from  Fox Hill Bed and Breakfast Suites, is the city of Staunton, where there are four more Beerwerks Trail breweries.

Redbeard Brewing Company

 Redbeard Brewing Co. Beerwerks LogoRedbeard Brewing Company A true microbrewery in downtown Staunton, Redbeard Brewing Company brews small batches of big beer, handcrafted by one brewer from beginning to end using traditional methods, From Belgian malts and American hops mere steps away from where you’ll drink it. The 40-seat taproom features 8-10 beers on tap, occasional live music, food trucks and restaurant pop-ups making Redbeard a great place to enjoy a beer with the locals in one of Virginia’s prettiest small towns. While you are there, meander down the street to Sunspots Studio and Glassblowers for some awesome glass art.


Shenandoah Valley Brewing Co.

A stone’s throw from Redbeard in Staunton is Shenandoah Valley Brewing Co.Shenandoah Valley Brewing Co. Beerwerks Logo
The Shenandoah Valley is a brewery and tap house dedicated to serving up the best in regional craft beer culture.  Located on Staunton’s main street, this brewery is easy to find and offers a relaxed tavern-style atmosphere for locals and tourists. Twelve beers are brewed on-site and available on tap. You can even pick up some home brewing supplies while you visit their taproom for a tasting.



Queen City Brewing

Queen City Brewing Co. Beerwerks LogoMoving out from the city limits of Staunton, is Queen City Brewing, the first post-Prohibition brewery in Staunton. QC is more than just a brewery it is an experience. Not only can you choose from nearly two dozen beers on tap, you can also brew your own private batch, selecting from over 80 different recipes. Saturdays they let visitors watch the brewing process and offer the opportunity to join in through the Brewer’s Apprentice program. Queen City’s friendly taproom frequently has live music an always has a great crowd.



Bedlam Brewing

Bedlam Brewing Beerwerks LogoA little further, north is Bedlam Brewing. It is a small-scale brewpub located a few miles from Staunton’s  downtown area. The newest small batch brewery to join the Beerwerks Trail, it focuses on creating traditional ales with a Belgian and French influence. Along with other traditional and seasonal varieties that embrace the rich farming heritage of the Shenandoah Valley, Bedlam will offer six to seven of its own craft beers on tap at any given time. Handcrafted artisan pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven, and house-cooked roast beef, bratwurst, and pork anchor the menu at Bedlam.

Therefore, if you want to hit all six listed in the blog, I would start with the furthest south Great Valley and head north, or the northernmost Staunton, at Bedlam and work your way south. On the other hand, plan your own route going as far north as Harrisonburg.

So, now you know about the Beerwerks Trail in the Shenandoah Valley.  Fox Hill Bed and Breakfast Suites is so close you can taste the beer. Remember that Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner.     Book Now for St Paddy's Day

The StPatrick’s Day tradition began as a feast day held in honor of St. Patrick on the anniversary of the day he died. Christians put aside their Lenten restrictions on food and alcohol consumption on this day. This is why excessive drinking has become so permanently linked to the celebration. So visit Fox Hill and Drink in the Shenandoah Valley; Make it a Beercation! Truth be told, St. Patrick’s Day is not the only time to come to the valley, but it makes a good excuse.



Visit the Pet Friendly Shenandoah Valley

Starting a search for “Pet Friendly Shenandoah Valley” and you will find Fox Hill Bed & Breakfast is the fastest way to make your next travel adventure to the Shenandoah Valley four-legged friendly

That’s right, a bed and breakfast that accommodates dogs of all breeds and sizes.   All of our pet friendly suites have Our children, Nelli and Rugerbreak, plus being spacious enough for dog crates and beds, food bowls, toys, etc. Settling in, you will find that there is plenty to explore on our 38-acre countryside estate. Enjoy a game of fetch or Frisbee on the mowed field in the front of our property; a run or stroll through the meadows; a dip in the stream;  a nose-to-nose greeting with our resident donkey, or just simply gazing out at the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Of course, our family loves visitors, too, and enjoy a good game of chase.

We know your dogs are important family members and we like to treat them as such.

We provide a welcome basket in your Suite filled with paw wipes, towels, and delicious dog treats.  Your pooch will go bonkers for these all-natural, tasty (yes, we ate a few) Peanut Butter & Banana or Pumpkin treats!  Handcrafted in Lexington VA, Whistle Creek Dog & Cat Treats are individual small batch of treats. 

Whistle Creek is uniquely qualified as a farm to table Treat Company.  100% natural ingredients  are used to craft their product and it starts with fresh milled gluten free flour that is milled for each batch. Continuing with  fresh farm eggs from their personal chicken flock; homemade, one ingredient peanut butter from unsalted redskin Virginia peanuts;  local raw honey, locally  raised grass fed beef, and much more. Eric personally creates each treat with love, the most important ingredient while omitting wheat, corn, soy, fillers, by products, or anything artificial. His mission is to provide quality, limited ingredient, and wholesome treats for your beloved Dog & Cat to enjoy.

Our canine visitors will find a Visit to the Pet Friendly Shenandoah Valley area activities will keep their tails wagging.

Hiking at Crabtree Falls  (one of the tallest sets of waterfalls in the United States east of the Mississippi River. It is located in the George Washington National Forest in Nelson County, Virginia, off of Virginia State Route 56. Wikipedia), or a stroll along Cedar Creek at Natural Bridge State Park (Natural Bridge is a geological formation in Rockbridge County, Virginia, comprising a 215-foot-high natural arch with a span of 90 feet. Wikipedia) are highly recommended.  Lexington and Staunton, VA are pet-friendly cities and you’ll find outdoor seating available at a number of quality restaurants.  If you forget or run out of a pet supply while on vacation, you can pick up what you need locally at Tractor Supply, Lexington Pet Palace or Pet Smart – of course your pooch can help you sniff out what you need.

We have many pet parents traveling with their dogs visit us here at Fox Hill.  We always encourage them to explore our property, and we enjoy watching as their dogs bound off with glee, delighting in all the new smells and experiences.  Our most recent visitor,  Nala, enjoyed herself immensely!  We were delighted to learn she was adopted via the Lucky Dog Animal Rescue program.  Lucky Dog and Southwest Airlines teaNalamed up and transported numerous homeless pets that became stranded in Puerto Rico following the devastation of Hurricane Maria, to the D.C. area.

Are you ready for your pet-friendly travel adventure to the Shenandoah Valley?

Search for “Pet Friendly Shenandoah Valley” and see how we compare. There is pet friendly and there is pet tolerant. Knowing the difference is where we excel!

You will be sure to find a Suite at Fox Hill that is just right for everyone!